Salt Lake City Commercial Collections Lawyers

If a customer refuses to pay his or her bills, despite your letters and calls, it may be time to contact a collections attorney.

At Bostwick & Price P.C. in Salt Lake City, Utah, our lawyers can use the power of the court to alleviate the frustration of trying to collect business debts.

We serve business clients throughout Utah who are owed money, goods or services that are not secured by a mechanic’s lien or security right. Our attorneys are aggressive in collecting debts. Rather than sending letters or phoning your debtors, our lawyers will obtain a court judgment and then take immediate steps to collect on that judgment.

Collecting a debt is usually a matter of finding the money. In most cases, there is not a dispute over whether the debt is owed. Our lawyers have extensive experience in finding sources of payment. The following are examples of steps we can take in business-to-business collections:

  • Obtain an order of supplemental proceeding to require the debtor to show up in court and answer questions about his or her assets
  • Research public records of real property and other assets the debtor may own
  • Find out where the debtor works

Once our attorneys find an asset, we can use the power of court to have the assets sold at auction and have the proceeds applied to the judgment. Our lawyers can also garnish wages and bank accounts.

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