Corporate Governance

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Forming a corporate entity is only the first step in protecting your assets and shielding yourself from personal liability if your business is sued. Depending on the type of entity you created, there may be steps that you need to take, such as holding annual meetings, to maintain your corporate shield.

At Bostwick & Price P.C. in Salt Lake City, Utah, our lawyers provide corporate governance services to help you preserve all of the advantages you sought in forming a business entity, such as liability protection and favorable tax treatment. Not maintaining your corporate entity can be worse than not having an entity, since you may feel a false sense of security and not take other steps such as estate planning to protect your personal assets.

Corporate Governance Services

The corporate governance services you may need to preserve your corporate shield are different for different types of corporate entities. The following are examples of the types of services we provide to business owners:

  • Setting up special and annual meeting so you comply legal requirements
  • Drafting partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and other documents that are needed to prevent disputes down the road
  • Updating your organizational documents when there is a change in shareholders or owners
  • Drafting employment contracts and buy-sell agreements for the principal players
  • Maintaining your corporate shield or LLC status
  • Protecting the assets of your business

Taking all of the steps you are supposed to take is more critical if you have more than one shareholder or LLC owner. There are more requirements for a corporation than for an LLC.

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