Government Bidding and Acquisitions

At Bostwick & Price, P.C., our attorneys understand the intricacies and legal ramifications of the bidding process. This understanding stems from our years of experience working with bids in both private and governmental settings.

Bids are essentially offers to perform work, and function as the legal equivalent of an offer to contract. Like any other offer, a bid must be carefully considered, crafted, and executed, or you risk binding yourself to a performance that you did not intend once the bid is accepted.

The process of bidding and awarding government contracts is subject to its own specific set of rules and regulations at the federal, state, and sometimes municipal level. Compliance with these rules can determine the validity or invalidity of a bid on a government project. Also, these same rules also circumscribe governmental discretion in the awarding of bids. Needless to say, knowledge of the rules governing bids on government contracts is essential in order to be competitive and to be able to enforce your rights.

For example, federal law requires state transportation departments who receive federal funds for construction projects to set certain participation goals for minority-owned businesses. These same goals apply to disadvantaged business enterprises and women owned businesses. Should a state transportation department fail to meet certain requirements in regards to these participation goals, it risks losing its federal funding.

Bostwick & Price, P.C., can help you to understand your statutory rights when bidding on government construction projects, and we can also help you understand and comply with bid requirements. We provide knowledgeable expert assistance with bid preparation, and, if necessary, the posting of bid bonds or even bid withdrawal.


When the government seeks to acquire real property, it must operate within certain restrictions. This applies to government at a federal, state, or municipal level. At Bostwick & Price, P.C., we know what the government may or may not do when acquiring or seeking to acquire privately owned real property. We can assist in negotiations with government representatives and agencies because we are familiar with the Federal Acquisition Regulation System (FAR), as well as Utah acquisition statutes such as the acquisition provision of the Utah Municipal Code. We can tell you what your rights are, and help you assert those rights whether in negotiations, or, if needs be, through litigation.

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