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Bostwick & Price, P.C. is a Salt Lake City law firm with extensive experience handling simple and complex legal issues related to commercial and residential real estate. Our firm has handled real estate issues for clients throughout Utah and southern Idaho, including Cache, Box Elder, Weaver, Davis, Salt Lake, Wasatch, Summit, and Washington counties.

Our firm represents a wide array of clients in real estate matters, including commercial property owners, builders, property managers, business owners, and homeowners associations. Our attorneys’ backgrounds in the construction industry gives us a unique insider’s prospective on commercial and residential read estate issues. Our lawyers routinely represent clients in a real estate issues involving:

  • Acquisition and Development Contracts: drafting and negotiating sale, purchase and development contracts for land, buildings and subdivided lots.
  • Financing Packages : review and negotiation of acquisition, development and construction financing packages.
  • Private Water and Sewer Companies: preparing documentation related to deferred water and sewer facilities and charges, including declarations and disclosures for home purchasers.
  • Commercial Transactions, Contracts and Closings: conducting closings, handling transactions and drafting and reviewing contracts for commercial real estate transactions.
  • Title Analysis and Counsel: reviewing title and consulting with our clients on title problems and issuing title commitments and policies.
  • Easements and Subordinate Rights: preparing easements, rights of way, covenants, and other types of development related documents.
  • Consumer Sales Contracts and Concerns: drafting master sales contracts for use by builders for eventual sales to consumers; assisting our builder and developer clients in resolving consumer concerns and problems.
  • Environmental Permits and Land Use: obtaining the environmental permits necessary for development and representing clients before zoning board and other land use regulators.
  • Lease Issues and Negotiations: negotiating, drafting and reviewing all types of commercial and business leases.

In addition, many homeowners associations consult our attorneys to handle matters related to homeowner association bylaws, land use, and planning issues.

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Our lawyers handle landlord / tenant, land use planning, zoning, entitlements, deeds, promissory notes, covenants, homeowners association bylaws, improvement district, and impact fee issues for clients throughout Utah, the Intermountain Region and the western United States.

If you need a law firm with the skill, knowledge, and resources to successfully represent your current needs and protect your long-term interests, please contact Bostwick & Price, P.C.

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