Contractor Licensing

The process of applying for a contractor’s license can be complicated. It can also be difficult to understand and meet the many requirements for obtaining a contractor’s license in Utah. Bostwick & Price, P.C. has the experience needed to assist clients with the often daunting process of getting licensed. Our attorneys not only understand contractor licensing issues, but also have years of experience working with individuals within the construction industry to draw upon when advising clients in licensing related issues.

In Utah, we have experience working with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, and we regularly assist and counsel clients in regards to E-100, B-100 or R-100 license classifications.

We also understand qualifier status, as well as what it takes to obtain such status in any of the numerous categories. We can explain and assist with issues such as reciprocity, specific trade exam requirements, residence lien recovery fund registration, and renewal. Also, thanks to our immigration law practice, we may be of assistance with qualified alien status under 8 U.S.C. § 1641.

The attorneys at Bostwick & Price, P.C. are also keenly aware of the importance of licensing in regards to mechanic’s lien foreclosures, where the lack of a valid license can adversely affect your ability to recoup the value of your labor or materials that you have put in on a project.

Bostwick & Price, P.C., has the personnel with the necessary knowledge to facilitate the licensing process. If you need licensing related assistance, let us help you.



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